Osborne Memorials
  • This beautiful stone is American Rose with rounded corners.  It is 36" wide, 20" tall and

    American Rose upright

    This beautiful stone is American Rose with rounded corners. It is 36\' wide, 20\' tall and


We have faithfully served numerous of families in South West and North Central Kansas. Osborne Memorials wants to capture the essence of your loved one through our monuments. We all live a unique and special life and that should be preserved for generations to come. That's why with Osborne Memorials, you'll receive quality workmanship, friendly service and the finest stones at reasonable prices. We look forward to serving you.

We take pride in offering our clients a beautiful, eclectic range of headstones that come in a variety of materials.. We strive to ensure our stone monuments tell the unique story of a life well lived; we want your memorial to properly represent you or your loved ones to create a place of comfort and nostalgia.


Just as the name suggests these are flat monuments that are placed on a foundation of your choice (granite or cement) or can be inset in the ground (as required by some cemeteries). These simple stones can also be elegant memorials.


Generally, they have a serpentine top and a slanted face that is great for designing and easy viewing. Slants are similar to uprights, but shorter and thicker. These monuments must sit on a foundation and if you choose can have a base with them.


Uprights are your more popular type of monuments because the front and back can both be used for your design, they come in various sizes and shapes. They come in two pieces, the top piece being the tablet and the bottom piece being the base.


Custom Shapes

Let your imagination be your guide! Granite monuments can be found in a large variety of shapes and cuts. Shape carved angels, trees, hearts, teardrops, and everything in between can be used to help you create the custom memorial you desire.


Theses markers are usually 4” high in front and 6” high on the back but can come in many different sizes. Bevel markers are placed on a foundation and have enough slope that they are easier to view than flat markers.


Benches can be used as an alternative to a headstone or as a memorial for cremated ashes. They make a lovely addition to gardens or gravesites where they can be a place to spend quality time remembering your loved one.

Cremation Memorials

With the increase in cremations came an increase in cremation memorials. There is a wide variety of ways to honor a loved one that has been cremated. Columbariums, benches, garden planters, and various monuments are all ways to hold cremains from one family member to several.

Pet Memorials

Our pets are loved and cherished and become an important part of our family so honoring them with a permanent tribute seems fitting. There are several types of pet memorials to choose from: garden rocks to engraved river stones to granite markers to cremation memorials especially designed for your pet.


We can help you dress up your gravesite, back yard, or garden with a variety of accessories like solar lights of different kinds, bird baths, vases, planters, or statues. We even do tiles, inserts, plaques, business card holders, nameplates, and many other small granite pieces to use in your business.